In 2013, Pluk de Nacht Open Air Film Festival celebrated its 10th anniversary. The largest open air film festival in The Netherlands takes place every summer and shows a stirring mix of previously unreleased national and international feature films, short films, animation and documenty titles.

Pluk de Nacht Open Air Film Festival offers a quality selection of unreleased independent cinema, art and mixed media to new audiences through alternative ways of distribution, special events and free open-air screenings. Devoted to introduce new audiences to the finest international cinema and art, the festival screens films that haven’t been acquired or released by local distributors.

The festival is organised by the Pluk de Nacht Foundation and is produced by a large group of volunteers that consist of young film professionals, artists and students that all share a passion for cinema.

Surprising programme
The organisation visits (inter)national film festivals throughout the year and carefully selects films on their cinematographic merits. That is why you can find all types of film at Pluk de Nacht: from animation to road movie, from tragic small-town documentary to absurd romantic comedy. Year after year, the programming is stirring and surprising, with live events, short film programmes and titles yet to be discovered in the low countries.

Since the beginning in 2003 and to this day, the festival has been organised and set up by a large group of volunteers who put all their creativity into the festival. The festival has grown to become a true meeting place and combines the screening of never-before-released films with art, food, drinks, debates and parties. Admission at the Amsterdam and Arnhem city locations is free. In The Hague visitors pay a small entrance fee. The festival offers a platform to many young artists, which means there is a lot more to see and do at the festival besides film.

Because we don’t have a tropical climate in the Netherlands, Pluk de Nacht takes a few precautions. Early every day we light the fires, we rent out blankets and we have an indoor location where we can show film if the rain pours down too heavily.

Why don’t you swing by this summer?